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How do Penis Extenders Work?

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Despite what many people believe, penis extenders are not the same thing as sex toys. Also called penile traction devices, they are meant to stretch the penis to increase in length. They hold the penis in such a way as to activate the hyperplasia process, which leads to increased length over time. While it does take a while to see noticeable results with one of these devices, they can be quite effective.

The Traction Principle

Penile extenders work on the principle of traction. The penis is stretched for long enough to increase its length. The cell hyperplasia process is what is ultimately responsible for these results. This is when the cells in the penile tissue separate and double in quantity, creating even more. Many guys have gotten some truly amazing results from penile extenders, as they are based on science and have been proven to work well.

Types of Penile Extenders

You will find that there are different types of penile extenders that you can choose from, and they each have a unique design. It is important that you take the time to learn about these various devices so you can choose the right one to buy for yourself.

There are rod-based extenders, which are the older style but still can work very well overall. These devices are made up of a rod, spring system and a noose. You simply put your penis in inside, making sure the bottom part is secured under the noose. The clamp is tightened up so the penis is firmly held down. You are supposed to hold it in place while stretching with the device.

Pulling extenders can also work well to increase the length of the penis. These devices have a component that holds the shaft of the penis in place, as well as a belt that secures the base of the penis while it is being stretched. It is important that you get as much information as possible on these devices so you can choose one that will work well for you.

Usage Options

You will find that there are some penis extenders that will allow you to angle your penis up or down. After you have decided which way you want to angle your penis in the device, you can leave it on and go about your normal activities throughout the day.

It is true that some penile extenders can be very difficult to use in public, they are still designed so that you can perform normal tasks in private without any issues. You can expect to have complete mobility, but it’s still important that you don’t let it slip off at any point.

A lot of guys who wear penile extenders in public, including at work, visit the bathroom to make adjustments if necessary. If you plan on wearing the device in public, you should look for one that has a more discrete design. It isn’t very difficult to maintain these devices throughout the day.


You can expect to get some pretty amazing results from a penile extender device, if you use it properly anyway. Some men gain the better part of an inch within just four months. Although it can take some patience and dedication, it is well worth it when you consider how well these devices can work. Numerous clinical studies have revealed that these devices can help just about any man increase the length of their penis to an inch or even more.

The results with penile extenders do vary from person to person, but there is a good chance that you will start seeing real results within a month or two after using it. It is crucial that you know exactly how to use the device though, because otherwise you are just wasting your time and money. It’s also important to keep in mind that these devices increase the length of the penis but not the girth.


If you are going to purchase a penile extender, you will need to know what kind of routine you will be going through each day. While it can seem a bit tedious at first, you will quickly start to notice results.

It is recommended that you wear a penile extender for 3-6 hours each day, though 5 hours is the ideal amount of time. You don’t want to use one of these devices too much, because it could actually end up slowing down your progress. This is definitely a big commitment to make, but it can be well worth it because of the amazing results that so many guys have gotten.

You should make a point of cleaning your penile extender device on a regular basis with soap and water. As long as you follow this routine each day, you should be able to start seeing results fairly soon.

Final Thoughts

Penile extender devices have helped countless men to increase the size of their penises, and it’s important that you look into them as well. These devices are scientifically designed and proven to work effectively, but it can take a little while before you get to your ideal size when using one. The more you know about how these devices work, the more likely you will be to get results from the one you decide to purchase. There are a lot of these devices, but you should get one that will help you meet your size goals.


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