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Private Gym Pelvic Muscle Exercise System for Men

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This program offers a highly effective system with full FDA approval. This program was developed by a group of urologists and medical experts, and it has been known to enhance certain muscles in the body related to the penis. There are many benefits associated with doing this, including stronger and longer-lasting erections. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you will definitely want to learn everything you can about this system and what it can offer you personally. Many people have already benefited from this kegel exercise system, and chances are you can too.

How it Works

This system has a simple yet effective formula that you can easily follow. It is essentially like working out at the gym. When you exercise any muscle over time, it starts getting stronger. When you follow this program, you just have to devote just 15 minutes every day four days a week, and it can help you improve your overall sexual performance. This system was developed by legitimate medical professionals, and it has been clinically proven to work.

Certain muscles in the lower half of the body provide crucial support between the testes and the anus, which is crucial when you consider all of the other information here. As you get older, certain muscles in the body start to weaken, which in turn can lead to weaker erections, ED, issues with early climaxing and even incontinence. This is a very simple program that is designed to improve your control over the lower muscles.

Once you complete the basic training aspect of this program, there is five extra weeks of exercises that you will want to go through. There is also a resistance device that can help you with developing the right muscles to combat ED and similar issues.

Is it Safe?

You will find that the Complete Male Kegel Muscle Exercise Program is perfectly safe as long as you follow the instructions closely. It is very difficult to injure yourself, provided that you are doing everything correctly. There haven’t been any documented reports of anyone getting injured while using this kegel exercise system, so you have nothing to worry about.

Scientific Studies

There have been numerous scientific studies into this particular program, and the results are very encouraging to say the least. The clinical results prove that this system can be effective for many men.

These clinical trials found that 75% of the participants experienced a significant improvement in with maintaining solid erections, with 25% of them greatly improved. A total of 90% of participants had better quality climactic sessions, and 40% of the participants found that their ability to control ejaculation increased greatly. An impressive 90% stated that they felt much better about their overall sexual performance. And 60% of the participants in the clinical study stated that they enjoyed sex a lot more.

This study produced new other interesting results. Although it was well-established that this system could strengthen skeletal muscles, it also found that certain exercises using weights can result in increased strength. A majority of the results were related to the men’s ability to last longer and remain hard and the amount of pleasure they received upon climaxing.

The study was run by a highly reputable member of the healthcare community who is widely regarded as being an expert in this particular area. The participants were made up of 28 men ranging in age from 30 to 69. The study consisted of only healthy males and those who have been diagnosed with ED. All participants who were involved in this study went through this program in its entirety.

The weighted resistance training benefits have also been thoroughly documented through scientific clinical studies. A vast majority of the participants in these studies benefited from this program in a very noticeable way. Over 85% of the men involved with this study stated that they experienced a significant improvement in the solidness of erections and ability to control climaxing.

Nearly 100% of the men involved in these clinical studies stated that they experienced an overall improvement in their sex lives in one way or another. These studies have definitively proven that this program really does work for men who follow it.

Private Gym Results

There are a number of results that you can expect to get from this program. This program is designed specifically for strengthening the male pelvic floor muscles in just a matter of minutes with each day. Scientific data proves that it can improve overall skill in the bedroom for men. It can also help men keep more solid erections for an extended period of time. Older men often have difficulty with maintaining truly hard erections, but this program can help in a big way.

You will find that this program can also act as a natural and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. If you have ED but want to find a natural solution or haven’t had success with prescription medication, this is a great alternative to explore. Following this program on a regular basis can also improve and maintain prostate health, which is incredibly important.

This program’s Kegel Exercise System can also help increase bowl control, treat painful tension in myalgia, and ease and prevent serious injury. One of the truly unique things about this program is that it is so incredibly effective at treating a wide range of sexual performance related issues. The results that this kegel exercise program can produce have been clinically proven through numerous scientific trials.

Where to buy the Private Gym Program

You will be able to purchase the Private Gym Basic Training Program and Complete Training Program on the official website. The Basic Training program is 4 weeks long and can effectively build up the strength of certain muscles through a variety of effective exercises. The Complete Training program accelerates muscle growth with resistance training. It is an 8-week program that includes Basic Training plus 4 weeks of weight training with a special device that you put on your penis. You can see the Private Gym price on the official site.

Private Gym Side-Effects

There are absolutely no documented side-effects of the Private Gym Kegel Exercise System, provided that the instructions are followed to the letter. This program can only benefit those who follow it.

Private Gym Before and After

You will find that there are many inspiring before and after stories from those who have actually followed the Private Gym program, and it’s important that you know about some of them. These stories should help you to decide as to whether or not you should purchase this kegel exercise system.

Brad T from New York used to struggle with incontinence, saying that it was an incredibly embarrassing and difficult problem. He tried many different things to get his condition under control, but none of them seemed to work effectively at all. He eventually decided to purchase the Private Gym Kegel Exercise System, which is when he finally started getting relief. He said that this program was responsible for helping him to overcome his incontinence completely with its variety of exercises.

Jeff S, a 52-year-old man from San Francisco, California, said that purchasing this program was one of the best decisions he ever made. He used to have difficulty with maintaining hard erections, and that it had started affecting his relationship. This program was responsible for helping him to turn sex life around with its exercises. He stated that he started noticing progress after four weeks. He is now able to achieve rock solid erections for a much longer period of time.

Eric R from Roanoke, Virginia, was having serious problems with his sexual performance. It wasn’t until he started following the Private Gym program that he began seeing a significant improvement in his ejaculatory control. He would climax after only 10 minutes or so of having sex, but after starting this program he started to see a major improvement. After following this program, he can control when he climaxes better than he has in years.

Chad H from Portland, Oregon, struggled with erectile dysfunction for over 6 years before he made the decision to purchase the Private Gym program, and it made a huge difference in his life overall. By the time he finished the initial 4 week basic training, he was able to maintain his erections for much longer periods of time. Before he started the program he could rarely achieve a solid erection, but afterwards he was able to do so without any issues at all.

John S from Ann Arbor, Michigan, also suffered from erectile dysfunction for a number of years. He had tried many different things to solve this problem, but none of them seemed to work very well at all. It wasn’t until he began following this program that he noticed a real change in his ability to get and maintain solid erections. He stated that the weighted resistance training was of particular use, and that he’s glad he purchased this program instead of just the basic version. His sex life is better than ever now, and he credits the Private Gym system with the dramatic improvement.

Private Gym Price

You will find that the Private Gym Basic Training Program costs a total of $59.99. This program comes with a solid return policy with no questions asked. You will receive a helpful instructional DVD video along with a detailed instructional booklet and the ability to view a number of videos, provided you have an internet connection.

You will find that this comprehensive program costs $99.99. When you purchase the full program, you will receive a unique exercise device that fits comfortable on your member. This ring is adjustable with a one-size-fits-all design. You will also receive a complete video series. There is 60 day money back guarantee for this program as well.

You will be able to get more pricing information on the official Private Gym website.

Private Gym Testimonials

The many testimonials that exist for this program is just one of the reasons that is has become so popular. Many guys have benefited from this system in a number of ways, and it is important that you read these testimonials before making a decision either way. Reading the personal experiences of these men will most likely give you peace of mind and confidence in purchasing this kegel exercise system.

One of the most common things that are said about this program in testimonials is that it works very quickly and effectively. You will find that a lot of these testimonials are guys who used to struggle with erectile dysfunction, but found a solution with this system. They say that it helped them to be able to achieve rock hard erections for much longer periods of time in just a month.

Other testimonials from Private Gym customers say that it has improved their overall sex lives in a very noticeable way. A lot of the guys who review this kegel exercise system that it has helped them gain a lot more ejaculatory control as well. Premature ejaculation is a problem experienced by a lot of older men. The testimonials for this program have lots of compliments about how this system helped to virtually eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation during sex.

Some people who wrote testimonials for this system even struggled with incontinence, but following this exercise program helped them turn everything around in a big way. Many of them state that they no longer experience uncontrollable urination because of the exercises they did on a regular basis.

Another common trend among Private Gym testimonials is the claim that this exercise program enhanced the overall sexual pleasure of the men who followed it. They say that they are now happier with their sex lives than ever before, and it’s all due to this kegel exercise system. Many guys who write testimonials for this product also state that they feel more confident than they have in years after following this exercise system. There is no question that men who have difficulty getting and maintaining hard erections can suffer from self-esteem, so all of these testimonials really make a lot of sense.

It is truly incredible just how many positive testimonials there are for this program. Hundreds if not thousands of men have written about their own personal experiences following this program, and the results they have gotten are amazing. Even men who have struggled with severe erectile dysfunction have claimed that this program made a world of difference in their lives. But a majority of these testimonials are men who had trouble maintaining solid erections, but they found an effective solution through this program.


Overall, the Private Gym Kegel Muscle Exercise System has a lot to offer when it comes to doing everything from achieving harder and longer-lasting erections to treating incontinence. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may be especially interested in this program because of its ability to effective treat this condition. There are many men who have benefited from this kegel exercise system, and it is certainly worth taking a close look at. If you are interested in improving your overall sexual performance, it is highly recommended that you check out this program too.


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